Deny Entry Tenant Message on an SCU

Deny Entry Tenant Message on an SCU


Deny Entry Tenant Message on an SCU


I/NET site with Access Control


Messages in AMT


Programming an SCU 1284 for the first time on an I/Net Seven System would more than likely give a Deny Entry Tenant message in the Transaction Window when a card is read at the reader. This would usually occur if the Card Number equals individual scheme is being used. Although all the normal parameters have been checked, there could be one of these that would have been overlooked.

Access the doors that are on the SCU, and then modify them. When the editor comes up, there is a Check box for Card Translation. This comes up checked by default, uncheck it, hit the OK button and then read the card again. A Valid Card Read or Reader Entry Message should show up in the Transactions Window.

Perform a software and database download, then an SLI and DPU Restore to the DPU in question.


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