Database exchange with third party databases such as images

Database exchange with third party databases such as images


Database exchange with third party databases such as CRM, Oracle's PeopleSoft, SAP, HR Data Manager, OPC Server, Automatic Number Plate Recognition ANPR, or DataCard's ID Works

Images and thumbs or thumbnail .jpg pictures and ID Works folder structure

Product Line



Campus' with LAN network with multiple departments keeping individual user information.


Need to streamline the individual's information into multiple databases or changes such as removing SSN with Employee ID number, or interface with third party software/database.


I/NET works with a software called ID Works which is a product from Datacard. ID Works allows the database in I/NET to be viewed and individuals to be added, updated, and deleted. As far as extracting the data from datacard to any third party software, such as Peoplesoft, HR Data Manager, or SAP, that is out of the range supported by PSS. 

The need for constant interchange of the data for new card production, deletion, and update of individuals in the  I/NET database is easy to setup and link to the tables for each category. Altering the tables in the database would void any support with the I/NET product.

Imports and additional information from CSV (comma separated value) or a spreadsheet for example, can be added to existing tenant groups. Keep in mind that tenants groups cannot be added from ID Works. Imports usually run in a script program designed by Expert Services on a cost basis. Scripts that run between the I/NET database and third party databases need to be constantly running in the background and replicate personnel changes on campus. 

Images and ID Works Images which are brought in from ID Works via a camera are put in a folder for example C:\IDWorks\Images. Make sure you specify the thumbs directory under the Images folder for example C:\IDWorks\Images\thumbs so that when you go into ID Works Production and it creates that thumb nail, it puts it in this thumb folder and not the Images folder. If you have both going into the same folder, there will already be an image there with the same name.

INET does not have an OPC Server. One of the main uses of the OPC Server was to run a TAC I/NET system in the background with a TAC Vista front end as an initial attempt to migrate to a newer system platform. The introduction of the Xenta 913 allows the communication of TAC I/NET to Modbus and BACnet which became the preferred replacement of the I/NET OPC Server.

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