Creating elevator controls

Creating elevator controls


How to set up a controller for Elevator Controls.

Product Line

Access Expert


Win Server 2012 and above


Steps to configure Elevator Controls from the beginning.


To achieve this the following steps need to be followed:

1. Open Access Expert

2. Click on the main controller (SSC)

3. Add interface - MR16 Out

4. Set the address of the interface (dip-switches 1-5 on the panel)

5.  Add Reader interface and name accordingly (Elv Flr 1) for example

6. Select the Elevator Tab and make the appropriate selections


7. Go to the Elevator Tab

8. Associate the MR16 Out (Floor Relays)

9. Set Floor Relays (1 through 16)

10. Create an Elevator Access Level - this would be used for floors that have access to this level

11. An Elevator Overide Access Level can be created as well if an Unlock Schedule is required

12. Create the Door Group and assign the necessary  reader or readers

13. Go to General Configuration and select the System Settings

14. Select the Hardware Tab

15. On the Elevator settings, change the Eelvator Relay  Time and Elevator Push Button times from 1 to 5 seconds

16. Once configured, select the elevator reader, right click and choose the Pulse option to test the relays

17. If correct, the assigned readers will Pulse

18. Assign users to the Elevator individually or through the User List.


Note: Please keep in mind that if there are multiple readers for multiple floors, it is best that a reader be associated with its own MR16 Out, it is best practice as the relays cannot be shared between the readers. Meaning that if Reader 1 uses relays 1-8 the second reader would not be able to use 9-16 on that same MR 16 Out. It would need its own MR16 out for those floors.

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