Create Windows Domain in StruxureWare Building Operation

Create Windows Domain in StruxureWare Building Operation


How to create a Windows Domain in StruxureWare Building Operation


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Use a Windows Domain user to login to the SmartStruxure workstation.


Let's say my window domain user are EUR/user, in order to login as a Windows-user i have to
Do the following.

1. Create domain:Create a domain object called WINEUR under /Server 1/System/Domains and set
Windows domain name as EUR. ( Note, the domain name cannot be the same name as the Windows domain name. ) 

2. Create a group:  Create a group called Everyone under /Server 1/System/Domains/EUR
And set windows group name as "Everyone" if English Windows is used, if Swedish set "alla" as windows group name.

In Windows Group Name enter the name of the Windows Group that you want to associate with this SBO user group.

3. Set authority:Click on group "Everyone" in the tree and then click on tab "Software Permission"
Under "Path Permission" add "Server1" and set full access.

 4. Set Default Domain: Right click on WINEUR-Domain and choose set as default domain, click on F5 to refresh.

Log out and click on EUR/user (I am logged in as user in windows)
If you want to login as admin/admin again remember to set the domain as "Local" since now EUR is the default domain.

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