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Create EWS between SmartStruxure and SmartStruxure Lite


Create EWS between SmartStruxure and SmartStruxure Lite

Product Line

EcoStruxure Building Expert, EcoStruxure Building Operation


  • StruxureWare Building Operation site
  • SmartStruxure Lite site


Steps to create EWS (EcoStruxure Web Service) between SmartStruxure and SmartStruxure Lite


Release requirements:

  • SmartStruxure Building Operation Release 1.3.938 and higher
  • SmartStruxure Lite Version: Schneider Electric 2.7.0 and above

Verification the Enterprise Server is running

  1. Open Building Operation Software Administrator.
    If Status shows Stopped, you must configure Building Operation. Otherwise, proceed to step 2.
  2. Ensure all Ports are correctly configured.
  3. Click Start Service and wait until application running shows in Path field.
  4. Click OK.

Building Operation is now ready to integrate with SmartStruxure Lite

  1. The following example is using Server 1 in System Tree tab.
  2. In System Tree tab, right-click on Server 1.
  3. In newly opened window, select New.
  4. In newly opened sub window, select Interface.
  5. Click on Web Service to expand.
  6. Select EcoStruxure Web Service.
  7. In Name field, enter EcoStruxure Web Service.
  8. Click Next button.
  9. In Server field, enter IP address of Multi-purpose Manager (MPM) Controller you are connecting with.
  10. In Protocol field, ensure Communication port matches that on your server.
  11. In SOAP Endpoint field, enter ews in lower case letters. Take note that from SBO version 1.5 onwards, 'SOAP Endpoint' has been renamed to 'EWS Path'.
    IMPORTANT: You must enter ews in lower case letters in step 11.
    NOTE: If you are connecting to another StruxureWare Server, you must use an account that is in the default domain for log in credentials.
  12. Click Create button.
  13. Allow database to save completely before moving on to next step.
  14. In Server Tree tab, ensure new interface shows.
  15. You are now ready to connect your MPM Controller with Building Operation. Refer below to “Procedure - Connect MPM Controller to Building Operation."

Procedure - Connect MPM Controller to Building Operation

  1. Ensure your MPM is physically connected to your workstation.
  2. In Server Tree tab, expand System folder.
  3. Expand Hardware folder.
  4. Expand EcoStruxure Web Services folder.
  5. Right-click C2G_root folder and select Host EWS Objects in sub window.
  6. Expand EcoStruxure Web Services folder.
  7. Select EcoStruxure and then select Web Services Properties Tab.
  8. Set Alarm Polling to Disabled.

Procedure - View and Watch Data Points

  1. Expand CAN2GO controller.
  2. The List View tab shows all Objects available in Device.

NOTE: EWS Consume in Building Operation server does not support connection over a ProxyServer.

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