Continuum SQL schema and table details for 3rd party access to the database

Continuum SQL schema and table details for 3rd party access to the database


Where to find Continuum SQL schema and table details so a 3rd party can have access to the database.

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Third party requires access to the database


It is not recommended that third party systems directly access to the Continuum SQL database as the Cyberstation software expects full access to all tables at all times. Should a table be locked or inaccessible to Cyberstation it may cause problems or runtime errors.

We do not publish any details on the database tables or a SQL schema as Continuum is used for Security applications it would undermine the security of the product.

Also the database does not contain live data, this should always be read directly from the controllers.

There are other alternatives that can be used.

  1. Use an existing open protocol XDriver e.g. Modbus IP or other open protocol
  2. BACnet IP or MS/TP link to the 3rd party system or controllers, could also be linked to StruxureWare Building Operation
  3. Export the required data from a Listview, Group or Report for use by a 3rd Party
  4. Create a Plain English program to regularly export data to a .CSV or .TXT file, see Automatically export logged data to .CSV files
  5. Commission the development of a new Xdriver or other integration; contact UK Technical Services department for a bespoke solution, paul.bates@schneider-electric.com
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