Configuring Security Expert Readers

Configuring Security Expert Readers


Configuring Security Expert Readers

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Security Expert Smart Card Readers


Security Expert Smart Card Readers have options such as Mifare Reading Mode, LED colors, etc. that can be configured. How the readers are configured will depend on the reader's firmware.


The method used to configure a Security Expert Smart Card Reader depends on the firmware version it is using. There is no way to visually determine the firmware version. To identify what firmware the reader was shipped with from the factory refer to Knowledge Base article Identifying Security Expert Smart Card Readers Firmware.

1. Smart Card Readers with firmware build 64
These are older readers that were able to be configured with a serial terminal program by connecting to the reader using a USB-RS485 converter.

Refer to the Installer Programming section in the Smart Card Reader Installation Manual - Feb 2017. This has been attached as it has been replaced by a new version of this manual that does not include this information.

2. Smart Card Readers with firmware build 229 or above
These newer readers do not have a serial interface and will require a configuration card to change reader options. The configuration card (SX-ISO-CONFIG) is ordered from Schneider Electric, see the Security Expert Credentials Order Form for details.

Note: The configuration Card PRX-PROG-LF mentioned in the attached manual (Feb 2017) is obsolete and has been replaced by SX-ISO-CONFIG.

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