Card format changes are ignored when using RS-485 Readers and RDM2 expander modules

Card format changes are ignored when using RS-485 Readers and RDM2 expander modules


When trying to alter the Primary or Secondary card formats of Readers wired using RS-485 via RDM2s, any changes at the Server seem to have no effect whatsoever when the reader is then tested.

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Card Reader format configuration


A defect has been detected in RDM2 firmware version .505 whereby format changes made by users via the GUI are not applied to RS-485 wired readers.  Wiegand Readers are unaffected as are any readers wired directly into the SP-C



A new RDM2 Firmware version .545 has now been released which resolves the issue entirely.
The quickest and easiest way to upgrade this firmware however is actually to first upgrade the SP_C under which the RDM2s are located.

Update the SP_C to .923 using the usual Controller Option.


Select the correct Firmware .bin file and begin the upgrade (Ignore any Interrupt Error that may be produced).


Check Module Addresses in Client to confirm new SP_C Firmware is now installed.


Once the SP_C has been updated to .923, simply log onto that SP_C's own Web Browser.
Then under the Application Software section there is a new update Module Software option where it is possible to select and update any RDM2 modules connected on that SP_C bus. Once again select the correct .bin file for the firmware and begin the upload.


Note:  At the time of publication it is possible for an error to also appear at the end of the module upgrade, which suggests that it has not been successful (as seen earlier when updating the S_PC)

Referring back to the Module Addressing page at the Client however, it should be possible to see that the RDM2 module has now updated to .545 and the system can now be retested.

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