Berger Lahr Products

Berger Lahr Products


Where can information for Berger Lahr be found, as they do not appear to be Buildings Business products.

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Field Devices


  • Non Buildings Business Products
  • Berger Lahr Industrial Drives, Motors and Actuators.


Berger Lahr is not a Buildings Business product.


Email: info@schneider-electric-motion.com

Webpage: Berger Lahr


Brushless DC Drives

brushless-dc-drives.pngBrushless DC drive systems are an economical solution for many motion tasks. With compact and powerful motors and matching drives, they offer a wide range of options for appliances in industrial automation.

Brushless DC drives are available in two versions: BLP14 with CANopen fieldbus interface and BLV14 with analog interface (5V or 10V). Both open-loop and closed-loop operation is possible. The motors are available in two sizes:

  • BDM 4: with flange size 42mm, in two lengths with nominal power from 56W to 95W and nominal torque from 0.13Nm to 0.22Nm
  • BDM 7: with flange size 66mm, in four lengths with nominal power from 120W to 370W and nominal torque from 0.24Nm to 0.8Nm


actuators.pngActuators position flaps, valves, or sliders with great precision. The compact actuator housing contains a motor, a gearbox and a control unit. Three different types of actuators are available to respond to your specific positioning challenge:

  • STE = electronic actuator
  • STA = actuator with cams and relay
  • STM = actuator with cams

Tin Can Motors

tin-can-motors.pngTin can motors are robust, energy-efficient and work with great precision. The motors can be operated without additional control electronics with 50Hz or 60Hz alternating mains voltage. Our comprehensive range provides the right motor to meet your specific requirements. These motors are available as 2-phase stepper motors or as synchronous motors and can be used for HVAC actuators, medical devices, pumps, and a wide range of other mechanical devices.

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