BACnet device can't be discovered due to duplicate name

BACnet device can't be discovered due to duplicate name


BACnet device can't be discovered but instead shows up under the 'Unconfigured devices' in the server's hardware folder.

Product Line

EcoStruxure Building Operation


  • WorkStation
  • Enterprise Server - ES
  • Automation Server - AS


A BACnet device name must be unique. Devices with duplicate BACnet names can't be discovered.

In the screen shot below a device by the name AbesbCX already exists under Network1, when performing a device discovery on Network1 a second device with the same name is found, Since StruxureWare already has a device with the same name it adds the device to the list of unconfigurable devices.


“The <<N>> means the device was discovered on a directly connected network (such as the local IP network, or a directly connected MSTP bus).  The 2 indicates it was “port” 2, (port numbers are really an internal detail)

The server's Trace Log shows the following information, which includes the device's ID. The entry gives the reason as duplicate device name.


1.8.1 and above

BACnet device name duplication is allowed, the duplicates will still land in the unconfigured folder and the system alarm will be generated BUT you can drag the duplicate device from the unconfigured folder to the desired network.

When finished, manually delete the device from the unconfigured/non-conformant folder. Alternatively, you can also  warm start the server to force the unconfigured/non-conformant devices list to be updated.

Note that the devices with duplicate names will still stay in the unconfigured/non-conformant folder until the name conflict is resolved.

1.7.2 and below

A workaround is to create the device manually and specify a BACnet name during the create process. When manually creating the device you need to know the Device ID, you can get the id from the information in the trace log as shown above.

SmartStruxure will send a message to the device to change its name to the specified BACnet name.

The entry in the unconfigured devices folder should automatically update after a few minutes, you can also re-start the server to force the unconfigured devices list to be updated, the entry for AbesBCX should be gone now that the devices has been manually configured.

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