Automation Server software cycle time

Automation Server software cycle time


How fast does the software run in an AS?

Product Line

EcoStruxure Building Operation


Building Operation Automation Server (AS, AS-P or AS-B)


Knowledge about application cycle time is important when designing project solutions.


Both Function Block and Script programs run at a speed defined by the specific time task they are linked to, the available tasks are:

  • Task 1 - 100mS
  • Task 2 - 500mS
  • Task 3 - 1 Second
  • Task 4 - 5 Seconds
  • Task 5 - 10 Seconds

Programs that are not cyclic or time based can be run from a main or executive sequencing program.

The AS cycle speeds are comparable to other Building control systems, but the power of the AS allows many more programs to be run in parallel at higher speeds.

See also the WebHelp topic Application Scheduler for more information.

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