Audit Trail tracks database edits

Audit Trail tracks database edits


How to see who is making what changes


I/NET Seven Site


A sites which is editing the system or controllers and need to see who or when these changes were made.

Is it possible to make a change in I/Net to log this event ?


TAC I/NET Seven supports an access control audit scheme for tracking database edits associated with all pertinent access control editors. Audit trail messages provide information about configuration changes made to the access control system. These messages
contain the date and time an edit was performed, the site number, and the key/card number and initials of the person who performed the edit. This provides a high-level audit trail for updates. Separate audit trail messages are generated for the following items:
- Individual edits
- Group edits
- Personnel schedule edits
- Door edits
- Tenant edits
- Translation table edits
- Elevator edits
- Access initiated control (AIC) edits
- Host password edits
- DCU password edits
Audit trail messages can be marked with a SevenTrends cell number for later evaluation and report generation purposes. Audit trail message distribution information (group, mask, cell) is defined from the access control Options editor.

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