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Analog Consumer Value displays unit in metric (SI) though configured for imperial (US) units


Analog consumer values referencing the temperature of a SmartX Sensor shows in metric units when setup to display imperial units.

Product Line

EcoStruxure Building Operation


  • EcoStruxure Building Operation
  • Building Operation Multi-Purpose Controller
  • Building Operation Multi-purpose VAV
  • Building Operation Room Controller
  • Building Operation IP-IO
  • Building Operation SmartX Sensor


SmartX Sensor is configured in the device as metric measurements (SI System). Setting Fahrenheit in Display of SmartX Sensor does not convert the values from metric to imperial. Consumer values are configured to use the object being referenced and do not convert measurements. Unit conversion is done within the binding and not the device itself.


There are two workarounds:

  1. Option 1: Create an analog value and then bind to consumer value
    1. Step 1: Create an Analog Value. Setup unit settings to (°F) and Save. 1) Settings.JPG
    2. Step 2: Bind Analog Value to temperature from SmartX Sensor and Save2) Binding.JPG
    3. Step 3: In the created Consumer Value, bind the Analog Value to the input binding reference and setup unit settings to (°F) and Save3) Analog Value - F Setting.JPG
  1. Option 2: Bind to Consumer Value directly and keep the value in metric
    1. Step 1: In the created Consumer Value, bind the SmartX Sensor temperature to the input binding reference
    2. Step 2: Setup unit settings as configured in the object (°C) and Save.4) Workaround1 - C setting.JPG
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