AET basic troubleshooting steps

AET basic troubleshooting steps


The functionality of the different tools and/or software does not operate as expected. Issues can appear related to controller functionality or possibly issues with how the standard programs work. 

Product Line

Automated Engineering Tool


  • Automated Engineering Tool (AET)
  • Project Configuration Tool (PCT)
  • EcoStruxure Building Operation (EBO)


When the latest versions of software and firmware are not being used, previously identified issues can cause problems with downloads or the operation of controllers.

In other situations, it is possible that the proper steps or tools are not being used correctly. This could require further instruction and information. 


In most situations, the troubleshooting steps below will address a majority of issues encountered while working with the AET and the standard applications.

  1. EBO software and SmartX firmware being used should be at the latest version
    • Between updates and fixes to the software/firmware, you should be using the latest versions found on the Exchange
  2. AET software should be up to date
    • Between updates and fixes, make sure you are using the latest version of the AET software which can be found on the Exchange
  3. AET templates should be up to date
  4. Understanding the proper way to use the Automated Engineering Tool
    • There exist a number of AET Quick Help Videos available on the Community to help with AET user skills. If there are any topics not covered in a video that you are searching for, be sure to leave a post with the new video idea.
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