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WP Tech 5.9 with Visio 2007

I know that WP Tech 5.9 is not compatibility with Visio 2007 but it still can read the Visio 2007 drawing. Is there any way I can make it to run as well? 


We know that Office 2007 is no longer available and later will be 2010 version.


Re: WP Tech 5.9 with Visio 2007

Hello @shamsul_soed91 , I am adding @RandyDavis, to the thread as he may be able to help you with you issue 


PS: do not hesitate to use the search bar with key words or check the Knowledge base as well  


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Re: WP Tech 5.9 with Visio 2007

You are correct.  Visio 2007 is not officially supported in Workplace Tech 5.9.x.  My recommendation is to use Visio 2016 even though we have had reports of issues with certain application files.  In Visio 2016, your .vsd files will run in compatibility mode.


Please see the Community post Workplace Tech and Visio 2013 / 2016 Crashes 


If you are using Office 365 or any subscription version of Office, the Visio eventually will be updated to 2019.  The new Workplace Tech refresh, WPT 5.10.x is nearing completion.  It will be fully compatible with the new .vsdx file format used in Microsoft supported versions of Visio, Visio 2016 and 2019 


If you would like to try and run Visio 2007 with Workplace Tech 5.9.x, it may function but if issues arise, Product Support will not be able to advise on a fix.