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TAC Xenta OP just shows "Connecting to Xenta base unit"



I have a TAC Xenta OP and a TAC Xenta 301 (controlling the heating system).

When connecting the two (with the DP-Jack), the OP just shows "Connecting to Xenta base unit". Additionally I recognize, that the font is quite faded.

A technician with another OP could connect to the Xenta 301 just fine, but I remember his OP having a blue instead of the red frame. So I don't know if it also was an TAC Xenta OP.


Are there incompatible Versions of TAC Xenta OP and TAC Xenta 301?

How could I check the OP?


I would appreciate any hint.


P.S.: As I just want to check the parameters of the heating system from time to time: is there another way, like through the RS232 interface (I guess that is only for programming the Xenta) or with an software-emulated OP?


Best regards,


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Re: TAC Xenta OP just shows "Connecting to Xenta base unit"

Have it been working before?

This could be due to wrong address settings.

Do you know what domain and subnet/node your TAC Xenta 301 are using?

The TAC Xenta OP must be on the same domain.