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STR-150 & Return Sensor with Xenta 122-FC

Hi All,


I have a scenario in which an STR-150 thermostat and a return sensor are to be connected to a Xenta-122FC. I need to run the Xenta controller based on the return sensor temperature value and setpoint to be given from server. And have to export the temperature & setpoint values from STR-150 to other controller(to be used for other purpose). Does anyone know how to achieve this? Which of the Xenta terminals the thermostat and return sensor should be connected? How should be the bindings be done?

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Re: STR-150 & Return Sensor with Xenta 122-FC

Hello @digvijay , welcome on Exchange community. I add @Mikael_Krantz to the thread as he may be able to help you with your issue. 


PS: do not hesitate to use the search bar with key words to check if your issue was not already discussed somewhere in the community  


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Re: STR-150 & Return Sensor with Xenta 122-FC

The TAC Xenta 122-FC device has to be configured with the ZBuilder tool, that is an LNS PlugIn software.

Here you can select what input you should use for the temp, and under Configuration tab, Application, Special Functions, there is a checkbox for selecting Do not use space temperature from STR150.


Re: STR-150 & Return Sensor with Xenta 122-FC

Thanks Mikael! How can I export the STR-150 Temperature and Setpoint values in this situation?

Re: STR-150 & Return Sensor with Xenta 122-FC

Not from the sensor, but from the controller.




Re: STR-150 & Return Sensor with Xenta 122-FC

Let me check on the site for the values on these NVOs and get back to you. Thanks!