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PME 9.0 And VMware 12 Compatability

Hi Everyone,


I see from the IT guide for PME 9.0 that it is compatible with VMware 10.0 but does anyone know if it is compatible with Version 12 ?  I am getting a " connection to Database fail" when trying to install the SQL server Express and everything looks ok.  The .Net looks fine and it is a windows 7 64bit operating system.


Any help would be much appreciated.




Re: PME 9.0 And VMware 12 Compatability

Hey @smando3 , I think @Erwin_Paal may have the solution for you  


Oma - Your Community moderator

Re: PME 9.0 And VMware 12 Compatability

Приветствую. Устанавливал PME9.0 на VMware 15. Подключал к анализатору электроэнергии для тестирования, проблем не было. Операционная система Windows 7 64бит. Если Вы использовали операционную систему чей-то сборки, то возможно будут ошибки. Рекомендую использовать чистую операционную систему от Microsoft

Lieutenant JG

Re: PME 9.0 And VMware 12 Compatability



PME 9.0 is compatible with VM Ware Workstation vers. >= 10, see "IT Guide" page 32.


Please follow the installation procedure in the System guide. See from page 157, "PME 9 System Guide"