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Building 3D graphics in Graphic Editor SBO?





I am new to SBO. Is there any 3rd party software that I can use or been used to make i.e. 3D floor plan & converting to .tgml for binding the I/O?


 3rd party software such as solidworks or any other 3D modelling software used?


Also, can anybody share useful links on learning 3D graphics in Graphic Editor SBO would be much appreciated.





Lieutenant JG

Re: Building 3D graphics in Graphic Editor SBO?

Try to browse the Exchange marketplace and see if you can find some useful tools from SE or our ISVs:!/list/page/1 

Alternatively, maybe @DavidFisher can point you out to the righr direction or the right experts?

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Re: Building 3D graphics in Graphic Editor SBO?

Hello Nizar, 


I Understood from your previous post you are a BMS System Integrator, take advantage of unique Knowledge Base open asset  to get many valuable Installation & Commissioning answers about quite repetitive issues

=> Answer you are looking for may be already captured in this major asset.


Wish this helps, and having you on Exchange Community!

Best Regards

Jean Commeignes

Exchange Power & Building Community Manager


Re: Building 3D graphics in Graphic Editor SBO?

Do you have access to the EcoStruxure Building Operation forum? There are a couple of conversations there that might get you started.

Re: Building 3D graphics in Graphic Editor SBO?

Hi Craig,


Thanks for the links but I still haven't got access yet.


I got an email supporting my application though.


Hopefully everything works out.


Anyway thanks again,