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User Reputation

Hi everyone!


One of the most exciting features of our community are ranks and roles. Ranks are displayed to the left of your username, and everyone has one. Roles are displayed to the right, and only some users will show this information.


As you can see in the image below, the cool little guy to the left of my name is my rank and the "Admin" label to the right of my name is my role (which is Administrator). 






Ranks represent your level of activity within the community, indicating how long you've been a member, your level of participation, engagement in and appreciation of content, as well as any help you've provided to other members, Ranks allow community members to know a little bit about each other and they engage and collaborate. 


How to you rank up? As you continue to participate, your rank will increase! My lips are sealed on the actual ranking formulas, but taking the time to post relevant topics, reply to others, and give and receive likes for valuable content are all helpful in your quest to rank up!


  • Points, as we knew them on the Jive community, have morphed into a ranking formula. Now, instead of earning a specific amount of points for specific actions, your community participation as a whole is measured by a ranking formula. As you meet various ranking formulas, you rank up.


Roles represent a particular status on the community. The main roles we have are listed below, though you may notice additional ones as well. Keep on the lookout!


  • Admin: a community administrator
  • Support: a Schneider Electric employee who is a member of the Product Support team
  • =S= icon: a Schneider Electric employee 


Badges are awarded for completing community milestones...but also just for fun! When you get a badge you'll receive a notification letting you know just how much we appreciate you!



Thanks everyone...I hope you found this helpful! 


Re: User Reputation


Since we've been using the "new" community for 3 months now. I'm getting used to it.


Can you elloborate the ranks? And maybe how or and when you'll be able to rank up?


Because the following 3 ranks for example doesn't make any sence to me in "rank order"



Lieutenant JG

LT Commander 


I hope this can be cleared out and i can understand what the ranking is..


Simplest thing will be for example the same as the previous community an overview of the available rankings and which rank you're currently in.


Kind regards,