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Schneider Alumni (Retired)

Bookmarks and Subscriptions

Bookmarks and subscriptions offer unique features you may find useful within the community. Each feature is detailed below!



Bookmarks enable you to access community content (forums, stream articles, topics, or individual posts) you find particularly valuable on a special page so you can easily them it again.


To bookmark content:

  • Navigate to the content 
  • Click the 'Options' button, and select 'Bookmark'



Subscribing to a location or piece of content means you will receive email updates whenever new content is posted. You can subscribe to an entire forum, a specific post in a forum, a steam, a specific stream article -- basically anywhere or to any content within the community that you find valuable. 


To subscribe to content:

  • Navigate to the content 
  • Click the 'Options' button, and select 'Subscribe'


Quickly find your bookmarks and subscriptions:

To review your bookmarks and subscriptions, simply access your personal profile by clicking your avatar icon! Your profile page will display your bookmarks and subscriptions in separate components. 



To manage your bookmarks/subscriptions:

  • Access your bookmarks and subscriptions as indicated above
  • Click the carrot (>) to the right of the component title
  • Click the checkbox next to items you want to modify
  • Choose "Bookmark (or) Subscription Options" and make the desired selection.



Re: Bookmarks, Subscriptions, and RSS -- what's the difference?

So all the previous browser bookmarks we had to Community pages no longer work and there is no way to migrate those without just searching for each Community and bookmarking again (either/both with browser bookmarks or these Lithium ones)?
In a similar sense, is there/will there be any help material to show how Lithium compares/contrasts with the old Exchange? I am already getting lost and browser bookmarking too many pages just to navigate "home"... Let me know if there is a better place to post this/read posts.


Re: Bookmarks, Subscriptions, and RSS -- what's the difference?



You are correct; in changing the platform that powers the Exchange Community, the URLs for each piece of content were affected.  As a result, you're exactly right--old bookmarks will need updating.


Sorry for the inconvenience, but I'm hoping you'll start to discover the value of the features of the new platform and that you'll benefit from the new tight integration between the Community and the Knowledgebase.


Mike and I will be up in Secaucus during the first week in October and would love to catch up if you're around.




Re: Bookmarks, Subscriptions, and RSS -- what's the difference?

Hi Nava / @Jeff,

I am not able to get the RSS feeds to work on any content apart from this Community Care section?


All the other areas seemed to be block with the message "Permission Denied" as shown:





Is there something we need to do here to get this to work? 

Thanks, Rob

Schneider Alumni (Retired)

Re: Bookmarks, Subscriptions, and RSS -- what's the difference?

Hi Robert, 


Thanks for letting us know about this! I'll work to find a resolution and will update you. :)


Re: Bookmarks, Subscriptions, and RSS -- what's the difference?

Merging of sub-communities in Jive has resulted in the content I'm interested in being greatly outnumbered by content I'm not really interested in. 


Is there a way to only subscribe to only a label or a group of tags within a forum?


Schneider Alumni (Retired)

Re: Bookmarks, Subscriptions, and RSS -- what's the difference?

Hi Tony,


Yes, there are a couple ways of doing this!


  1. If you sort content by clicking a specific label, a blue box will appear confirming your sorting choice. Within this message is the option to subscribe to the label you sorted by.

  2. Alternately, once you have sorted by a label, you can click the "Options" button and select "Subscribe". You will then be subscribed to topics with that label. 
Captain | EcoXpert Master

Re: Bookmarks and Subscriptions

How can I search for all posts from a specific user with attachments? In particular, I am looking for all posts from Benji (Roswall) that have attached files.

Steve Joanis
Director of Engineering @ ENE Systems

Re: Bookmarks and Subscriptions

There seem to some issues with subscriptions?



EDIT: Nope, not the communitys fault. Our great "Symantec Email Quarantine" filter had eaten all my updates!

But it only sent out one notification of one email beeing stopped by spam fileter, that ironically was treated as spam by my mailbox!


Re: Bookmarks and Subscriptions

The spam blocker is seen as spam, very ironic indeed.


You may have an email from listing emails that were blocked and you must release to get into your inbox.

All from the Exchange Community are using

I chatted with 2929, and ticket KSR000005814914 was created for them to look into further.  It was escalated to L3, to review, and I received a response Monday that the owner of Exchange is aware and working on a fix.  Any emails from that weren't sent fom Office365 are set to be quarantined.  They didn't have an estimate of when a fix would be in place.


It appears this quarantine only sends a summary email once a day of all of the emails it placed in quarantine since the previous notification email.  This may be preventing you from seeing messages from the Exchange Community.  You can click release 1 by 1 to get them to your inbox, or click the log in button at bottom of email, or

and then click forgot password entering your full email as the username.  You’ll get the password reset email and can then configure your desired password and login.  I don’t believe I ever set this up, so the password must have been a default when they started the service.  I had over 20 emails in the quarantine today from the Exchange Community, and was able to select all and click the Release button (Letter with arrow to right) and they came to my inbox.  You can also go to the hamburger menu on the top left of the page, select settings, and change to the shortest notification frequency available of 1 Hour so if it happens you’ll know much sooner than the default once per day setting.

Scott Depner, Software Engineering Specialist (National Standards Team), SE

Re: Bookmarks and Subscriptions

Thanks for a detailed reply!


Regarding the notification, I only had the one notification, from a couple of weeks ago. After logging into the quarantine when i wrote my edit I hade over 40 mails in there. Now looking again right now, 4 more had been blocked...

I know it's time for the holidays, but it doesnt have to eat all the cookies ;)


Re: Bookmarks and Subscriptions

It seems like they have resolved it, I am not getting any quarantined now.

Scott Depner, Software Engineering Specialist (National Standards Team), SE