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Matrix 5000 Battery Charger control


Matrix 5000 Battery Charger control

This was originally posted on APC forums on 6/11/2010

Matrix 5000 Battery Charger control question.
How can I control ( lower the voltage or disconnect) the battery charger?
I have a few of these Matrix units and I have played with them for years. Currently, I have one that is connected to my solar system and powers my home. I have managed to interface it quit successfully with all my auto control with the exception of one thing, the charger.

I really enjoy the engineering that went into this unit. It is practically RF nosy free!

Currently, I have to manage the input manually to charge my batteries (Powersafe 1500Ah) pack connected to a Smartcell manager board. This is so the solar panels can charge them instead of the UPS.

It would be much better if I could just lower the charge voltage on the UPS or if I could keep the inputs connected and just install a switch ore?? to shut down the charger manually.

I have the Matrix installed as if it were a Genset. I built the custom controls to manage the Auto switches and it all works very well.

In the past 20 or more years I have tried to get help from the engineering team at APC but for some reason APC does not want to give up any schematics so I could figure things out. Maybe someone on this blog has some ideas.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.