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Back-UPS 900XS Failing


Back-UPS 900XS Failing

This was originally posted on APC forums on 5/22/2010

Need to determine if my UPS is bad or if the UPS Battery needs to be replaced. I purchased the UPS 2 years ago. Whenever I have a power surge - like my window A/C unit turning on the UPS will reset making my PC turn off. The Overload LED will light up after that and I will need to reset the UPS to turn it back on.

I have tried the light test by plugging a small light into the UPS and unplugging the UPS wall power. The light does not stay on and the UPS begins to beep with no LED's on.

Strange thing is PowerChute says battery is fine, however if I do a self test the UPS will shut off and reset with the overload light on it. Currently I only have my PC and Monitor connected to the UPS.

UPS Model # BX900R
Serial # JB0806003888

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