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BX1500LCD suddenly freaks out, acts as if battery is zeroed out - what now?


BX1500LCD suddenly freaks out, acts as if battery is zeroed out - what now?

This was originally posted on APC forums on 2/1/2011

My BX1500LCD (which I've loved) totally freaked out tonight and possibly bit the dust.

For its whole lifetime it's only been running at about a 15% load. Tonight was no different. Then out of nowhere the fan (which I've never heard before -- didn't realize it even had a fan) came on at full speed. There were no fault lights, overload indicators, or other indicators of badness on the display.

After this went on for 10 minutes I unplugged the UPS from the mains. Instead of switching to battery, it immediately turned off. I unplugged all equipment from it and plugged it in again. It flashed the "F01 - On-Battery Overload" fault code. I unplugged it from the mains again.

When I again plugged it back in, I don't get a fault code, don't get a replace battery indicator, don't get any overload or anything indicators. However, the battery charged bar has all segments off and the battery-shaped outline around it flashes while the UPS does a series of pairs of short, soft beeps. (dit-dit....pause...dit-dit, and so on).

Any idea what happened? I know I can order a new battery, but I don't want to spend the money on that if there's actually a hardware problem in the unit.


Adding some new info:

When I let it sit there "dit-ditting" for half an hour, the "dit-ditting" eventually stopped and instead of the flashing battery icon with all bars off, it suddenly kept the battery icon lit and three bars are lit. When I hold the power button for a second to activate the self-test, the self-test completes without any indication that anything's wrong. Does this all point toward the battery failing, or something more complicated than that?

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Adding some additional information