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BG500 Bugs - Please debug

Administrator Administrator

BG500 Bugs - Please debug

This question was originally posted by Eric on APC forums on 6/21/2017

Hello APC,

The BG500 is a an ideal unit for remote vacant sites.  We use these to power long distance wireless transmitters,  switches, and security appliances on the remote side of long distance wireless bridges.  Usually mounting these in outdoor enclosures.  They seem to function OK, though reliability hasn't been as good as we would like to see from these units (hoping it was just a bad batch we got ahold of).  Regardless, there are several bugs that exist with these units that deserve attention. 

 1.  Unticking 'Audible alarm' does not silence the alarm, or prevent the alarm from sounding.  The 'Audible Alarm' option does not seem to do anything at all.

2.  After applying firmware v6.0.3 with Firmware Upgrade Utility 2.20, the BG500 remains at firmware revision 5.3.  Following the steps of the documentation is successful up to step 10.  At that point, the yellow notification message 'An updated version of the UPS firmware has been found' does not occur upon logging into the BG500, and the BG500 remains at firmware revision 5.3 eternally.  I suspect the firmware revision numbers are incorrect either on the BG500, or of the downloaded firmware software?

3.  And a minor -> Applying local computer time from a computer set to UTC -5:00 (when the computer is adjusted for Daylight savings time), BG500 sets its UTC to -4:00.  BG500 'Traditional US DST' is selected.

Thank you,