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A few Ask about APC UPS BX650LI-MS, Home Customer

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A few Ask about APC UPS BX650LI-MS, Home Customer

This question was originally posted by Bagus on APC forums on 5/1/2020


I have a few questions about APC UPS BX650LI-MS, for Home Customer.

1. This UPS is Line Interactive and it has Waveform type Stepped Aproximitly to Sine Wave, mean this waveform type is approximate to pure sine wave ?, better than a modified square wave or even square wave, is that I'm correct?

2. This UPS has AVR Auto Voltage Regulator means is act like a stabilizer, is that I'm correct? 

3. Is this UPS has a soft start to preventing power surges when turning on the device? 


This the load's specification that I will be used on this UPS,

1. 90 Watt Laptop Charger (19V 4,74A) : ASUS ADP-90YD B

2. 15 Watt Network Adapter (24V, 0.6A) * 2 = 30 Watts : TP-LINK TL-POE2412G

3. 40 Watt USB Adapter 5 port (5V, 8A), each port (5V, 2.4A) : ORICO CSL-5U

4. 40 Watt USB Adapter 5 port (5V, 8A), each port (5V, 2.4A) : AUKEY PA-U36 Charger 4 Ports 40W AiQ

Proximity 200 Watt loads, is this UPS safe to use in these situations? 

I have a home power of 450 Watt. If I turn these devices together it will cut off the MCB. If using this UPS can prevent that kind? 

If on the situation when the main power is cut off, then this UPS will backup with battery, these changing work with a relay, is that correct? If the main power is running up then the relay will switch back to the main power, so is like turn on these devices together without UPS? or this UPS can slowly stabilize the power source come into the load to prevent large power demand surges or like a soft start, slowly grow the power?

Thanks for your time 🙂