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datacenter expert 7.9.0 upgrade


datacenter expert 7.9.0 upgrade


We recently upgrade our DCE (7.8.1) to the last release (7.9.0) using a fresh install and a backup/restore operation.

We had to change our IP range for the devices as we move to a new platform (we use a procedure from the schneider support team).

Everything went pretty well, we had our devices coming back after we change the IP range , but after a couple of times we noticed that there was no new datas recording in the DCE.

We have the history of the sensors when we use the report function, but no new data are available. There is no error message or alarm.

The only new data we have for a PDU (for instance) is the voltage and RH, all the others : Real power, Intensity, etc .... return a 0 value.

SNMP looks to work properly, i have the data when i check with the snmpwalk tool in the web interface.



Any idea ?

Kind regards,


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