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Setting 220V/230V output in the model SYMSTRF


Setting 220V/230V output in the model SYMSTRF

This was originally posted on APC forums on 6/15/2011

Part Number: Revision: 1 Date: 6/8/98 Approved: DL SAYS:

"The 208V/240V 60 Hz version is manufactured with a transformer. It is configured from the
factory for operation from single phase, 208Vac input voltage. During installation, this version
can be configured for operation from single phase 240V input voltage by moving an internal
jumper. When set to receive 240V input voltage, this version SymmetraTM can be hardwired to
deliver 120V, 208V and/or 240V output voltages (or any combination of these).

It can also be commanded to provide an output voltage of 220V, 230V or 240V via the control and display

But we found only auto 208 or 240 setting. Pls advise how to set 220V or 230V.