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Script to run on Shutdown event and Gracefull shutdown done by PowerChute


Script to run on Shutdown event and Gracefull shutdown done by PowerChute

This was originally posted on APC forums on 1/24/2012

First , here is the hardware/software context
UPS= Symmetra LX 16000 + Network card ( firmware 267.509.I)
Client=Solaris 10 system + PowerChuteClient 2.2.4

I have set up the PowerChute to start a shutdown script to stop some application 60 sec after "UPS: On Battery" events.
So i have selected the action "Shutdown" for the event "UPS on Battery".

My question is : do i have to add a "halt" command at the end of my script to stop the OS or Powerchute should be able to manage that ?

I ask you that because a few days ago, we had a power failure. Everything ( UPS stop proecess) went well just because applications stop.
But in the log, i don't read the line i got from my other powerchute client running under Windows ( ie: Shutdown process started. Windows NT" )

And it is not so clear in the online documentation, because it look like PowerChute will perform the OS Shutdown, but it also look like the last action
of the script can do it also. ( if i look at the timegraph of online help of "shutdown section cf attached file)

Thanks in advance,


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