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SC1500 issues

Administrator Administrator

SC1500 issues

This question was originally posted by Adam on APC forums on 5/21/2010

Hey everyone, I've got a SC1500 that's been acting a bit oddly and could maybe use some troubleshooting help. I've not had to diagnose any UPS issues before and would appreciate some advice.

After some power issues in the building, this unit seems to not want to pull power from utility power anymore. When plugged in, all lights are off initially. I can initiate a self test (blinking online and solid 'on battery') and then it drops to running on battery only with the online light off. I hit the mighty button once more and the battery light goes off and that's pretty much all it seems to be able to do anymore.

When it's running on battery, there is power to plugged in devices. When the battery is unplugged all it does is make a click and flash the lights when I push the button, no power to anything.

The breaker doesn't need resetting, I've tried multiple areas of the building, and apcupsd reports 0v coming in(LINEV), battery at 24v (BATTV).

Did it just bite it and die or is there something else that I could try to see if we can get it going again?


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