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Repair torn control panel ribbon cable


Repair torn control panel ribbon cable

This was originally posted on APC forums on 2/19/2016

I used the following steps to repair a ribbon cable that had been ripped from the control panel circuit board;

1. Cut the torn end of the cable square.  Be careful not to remove so much that the cable will not reach the socket

2.  Remove all excess cable at the circuit board

3.  Remove a small amount of the yellow jacket 

4.  Carefully remove all white plastic surrounding the flat copper wires.  I used a small Olfa exacto knife, being careful to not cut the flat wire.

5.  Tape the ribbon cable flat against the crimped connectors on the circuit board.  Ensure the red coded wire is properly aligned (don't reverse the cable!)

6. Bend the copper wires to maximize the contact with the crimped connectors

7. Solder the joints

8. Check continuity to ensure no shorts nor disconnects.

9. Note that the connection is not mechanical and therefore should not be put to undue strain.

10.  Start it up and enjoy.

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