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Puzzling message


Puzzling message

This was originally posted on APC forums on 6/15/2010

Hi, Everyone

Got a strange problem here..

Got a APC SUA1500RMI2U UPS with the new AP9630 web card. Everything was configured and setup as per accordingly. However when I tried to install the Powerchute Chute Network Shutdown onto the server, I encountered some errors. Perhaps the experts may come across this problem before and have some suggestions or solutions.

Operating system: Linux SuSie V10
APC Web card: AP9630 with the latest firmware.

Installation: APC Powerchute Network Shutdown Rel 2.2.4 for Linux

The process and installation went on smoothly with the correct Java version, correct path and the default directory as per normal. During the installation process, everything went smoothly.

Last message displayed was.. " Powerchute network shutdown installed" ..
The nest step was to run PCNSconfig at the same directory.
But when I execute this file, I received this error message " Powerchute Network Shutdown not installed."
The upsd deamon was running and the system was rebooted to ensure that the deamons are running.

Can anyone feedback on this strange problem ?