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PCBE 7.05, Netware 6.5SP8, how to uninstall


PCBE 7.05, Netware 6.5SP8, how to uninstall

This was originally posted on APC forums on 2/19/2009

We are unable to install the latest PCBE to our server. It won't copy files. After several weeks of testing, we believe it may be because the software did not fully uninstall at some point. I received the following instructions from some email support thing. But they don't seem to have enough detail for me to be able to manually uninstall the software. I.e., there is no PowerchuteBE directory to run uninstall from.

===Start Quote===
If nothing is installed then you can just delete the files from the server. There really is not a way to verify if the software is installed if it is not properly installed.

To uninstall the software:

+1. To start the graphical uninstaller enter the following line in the Server Console:+

SYS:\\uninstallPBEAgent A graphical installation window should open in X-Server.

If not, hit CTRLESC and switch to X-Server.+

The graphical un-installer looks just like the Windows un-installer.

+2. Access SYS: from a client machine and remove the installation directory on the server SYS:\+

===End Quote===

What are the steps to manually remove PCBE from a Netware server if no directories exist?

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