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Good all-purpose cabinet / rack?


Good all-purpose cabinet / rack?

This was originally posted on APC forums on 10/29/2015

Hi folks.

I'm setting up a general purpose I.T. room in a new facility and am looking for a suitable cabinet.

Needs to be multi-purpose (meaning I'll use it for both patch panels, switches, one or two servers, and a UPS)

I've been burned in the past with cabinets which are either not deep enough to support the equipment I'm trying to mount, or have no vertical cable management at the front. Ideally in a larger environment I would have completely separate racks for cabling vs servers, but in a small environment such as this they've got to be in the same cabinet.

Am presently considering the AR2580 cabinet and would like to know if anyone has any thoughts on this.
Does it support vertical cable management at the front?
Will I be able to fit a couple of servers (on rails) into this thing?
Is there another product I should be considering instead?

Thoughts and feedback are appreciated.