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Alerts for when UPS Switches over from Charging to Supplying Power

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Alerts for when UPS Switches over from Charging to Supplying Power

This question was originally posted by Jeffrey on APC forums on 5/24/2017

I have a series of peripherals and PCs connected to a UPS. The PC is in a different room for security reasons and is connected to the UPS via USB.

I am looking for a way to have an alert appear on the PC, without needing the PowerChute UI to be open, when the UPS starts supplying power (ie, the power supply from the Mains gets cut).

The Operator at the PC is unable to hear the UPS beeping (since it's in a separate secure room), nor have Line of Sight with the UPS, and won't be continually monitoring the PowerChute UI, so I'm looking for a Pop-up alert box or an API that I can integrate into the UI that the Operator is meant to be monitoring that can monitor if the UPS is charging or supplying power.

I do not have a SMTP/email service within the network, so I cannot use Email.

Is there a way to retrieve current Status (Charging/Supplying) from PowerChute Personal Edition? Or must it be the Business Edition?

If it is possible, is there any other information I can retrieve for integration into another UI?

If it matters, I'm using Windows 7 & APC Back-UPS 700VA