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APC Back UPS 1400 USB + Powerchute Bussiness 9.11


APC Back UPS 1400 USB + Powerchute Bussiness 9.11

This was originally posted on APC forums on 7/5/2016

Hi, can work this BackUPS 1400 via USB with Powerchute Bussiness 9.11?

When I install agent detects UPS model, but Console admin can´t configure any device:
  • both services APC PBE agent and server are running.
  • Firewall disconnected
  • Agent web interface says "device communications not established"
APC by Schneider Electric UPS communication test utility for USB communication.

Please ensure the PCBE Agent is installed, and that the UPS is
connected using the provided USB cable.

Note: The PCBE Agent Service must be Stopped for this utility to work.
Build date: 16/10/13

Found a UPS.
        Name: Back-UPS XS 1400U  FW:926.T2 .I USB FW:T2
        Serial #: xxxxxxxx (hiden)

Press 'z' to send a signal to the UPS or press 'Esc' to exit this utility
Thank you!