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AP9617 and SU1400RMIBX135 / SU700IBX120 Compatibility


AP9617 and SU1400RMIBX135 / SU700IBX120 Compatibility

This was originally posted on APC forums on 1/13/2021


Could anyone confirm that the AP9617 is compatible with the SU1400RMIBX135 and SU700IBX120 ?

Yes I know they are older UPS, but nothing wrong with them and (after years in storage just managed to pull them out, get new batteries and work fine).

One of the old AP9606 cards they had doesn't work, so purchased an AP9617 (believe the newer AP9630 is NOT compatible?) and installed it.  AP9617 powers up fine and updates to AOS 3.7.3 / App 3.7.2 fine, however it fails to discover the UPS it is installed in.

Going off this post:

I've tried resetting the UPS (or making it 'brain dead' as they say), but it still fails to detect the UPS when powered back up. Below is the output I get, that includes "Stat : P+ N+ A+", that I believe equates to all the components/sw being OK. Any suggestions on how to get running?


American Power Conversion                   Network Management Card AOS    v3.7.3
(c) Copyright 2009 All Rights Reserved   Smart-UPS & Matrix-UPS APP         v3.7.2
Name : UPS1400RM-Study                                         Date : 13-Jan-21
Contact :                                                                  Time : 22:00:33
Location :                                                                 User : Administrator
Up Time : 0 Days 0 Hours 15 Minutes                       Stat : P+ N+ A+

Searching for a Smart-UPS or a Matrix-UPS...

------- Control Console -------------------------------------------------------

1- Device Manager
2- Network
3- System
4- Logout

- Main Menu, - Refresh, - Event Log
> 1

------- Device Manager --------------------------------------------------------

- Back, - Refresh, - Event Log


Any assistance greatly appreciated.