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Runtime Calibration Smart UPS RT 3000 XL


Runtime Calibration Smart UPS RT 3000 XL

I have placed a new battery pack in the UPS. But whatever I do I do not get the UPS to re-calibrate the runtime.

1. Via the comm port i have several times tried "a Runtime Calibration" with a steady 35% load. However all times the calibration ends prematurely with "Bad Input Voltage", though I am sure the input voltage is almost not changing at all.

2. I have tried manually by removing the input power and let the UPS run to 0%, with a steady 35% load. Also no result.

Both times after first charging the UPS fully.


See the photos attached of the menu choices and results.


What can I do to have the UPS calibrate the runtime correctly again?


UPS Runtime calibration.jpgUPS Main.jpgUPS Factory data.jpg

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