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PowerChute Business Edition - Disable forced shutdown


PowerChute Business Edition - Disable forced shutdown

PCBE version on Windows 10 Home

UPS Smart-UPS SC450 RM



I am using the UPS to run a rack of networking gear, it does not require time to shut down, and I'm using the UPS solely for extended runtime during outages or when performing some power maintenance. The device that performs the monitoring and other administrative tasks is a laptop and has it's own battery. 


I've disabled all available options I am aware of to prevent the PCBE agent from shutting down the computer, however, during runtime tests, it will indeed shut down the computer, I get an alert saying that the agent is shutting down the computer, and there is no quick or easy way to abort it.


Any ideas where I've gone wrong or is the software just a problem? 





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Re: PowerChute Business Edition - Disable forced shutdown



Please read the Note: listed at the bottom of the Shutdown Settings page screenshot you attached. 


If you would like to cancel the shutdown once, PowerChute has issued the command open a command prompt as an administrator and enter shutdown /a   


See Microsoft doc for assistance with the shutdown command

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